Internal Diameter Grinding

C&W Grinding is a leader in precision internal diameter grinding, commonly known as ID grinding. Our highly-trained machinists have decades of experience with a wide array of highly specialized ID grinding equipment. C&W offers high-tolerance large diameter and long length vertical or horizontal ID grinding on any material, including ferrous and non-ferrous materials such as stainless steel and high-strength alloys, as well as ceramics and all coating and plating types.  Call us or request a quote for your precision ID grinding needs!

internal Diameter Grinding Capabilities

Internal Diameter grinding is available for parts up to 50 inches in diameter and 96 inches long.  C&W can size and finish parts up to tolerances of +/–0.0001, ensuring your part functions as designed.

  • Maximum Diameter Vertical Grinding: 55 inches

  • Maximum Length Vertical Grinding: 48 inches

  • Maximum Diameter Horizontal: 30 inches

  • Maximum Diameter Horizontal: 5 inches chuck through hole

  • Maximum Length Horizontal: 96 inches

  • Materials: All

  • Coating and Plating: All – Specialize in Chrome and Carbide

  • Diameter to +/– 0.0001

  • Cylindricity to +/– 0.0001

  • Concentricity to +/– 0.0001

  • Surface finish to 6 micro

Inner diameter grinding equiptment

At C&W we provide more than ID and OD precision grinding. We have many supporting processes in-house to provide what is needed to supply our customers with quick turnaround and superior quality. Call us or request a quote for your precision manufacturing needs: