Rotary Surface Grinding

At C&W Grinding, we perform rotary surface grinding services quickly and efficiently.  Our expert technicians work with highly specialized equipment and gauging to provide high-tolerance rotary surface grinding on all materials, coating and plating.  We will size and finish to tolerances up to +/-  0.0005 to ensure that the finished product functions correctly.  Call us or request a quote for your rotary surface grinding needs.

  • Maximum diameter: 31 inches

  • Maximum work height: 14 ½ inches

  • Materials: All

  • Coating and plating: All

  • Flatness: Up to +/- 0.0005

  • Surface finish to 6 micro

rotary surface grinding plate

C&W provides more than ID and OD precision grinding. We have many supporting processes in-house to provide what is needed to supply our customers with quick turnaround and superior quality. Call us or request a quote for your precision manufacturing needs: