Precision Straightening

C&W Grinding performs precision straightening services on long thin parts. Often, precision straightening is needed on such parts as they are easily bent. Straightening prior to grinding is a cost-effective way make them good. C&W's expert technicians work with our highly specialized equipment to quickly provide the straightening needed to cost effectively reduce the grind stock necessary on these types of parts. Call us or request a quote for your precision straightening needs:

  • Maximum diameter: 4 inches

  • Maximum work length: 144 inches

  • Materials: All (less than 34 Rc)

  • Tolerance: Up to +/- 0.0005

precision straightening on a long, thin part

At C&W we provide more than ID and OD precision grinding. We have many supporting processes in-house to provide what is needed to supply our customers with quick turnaround and superior quality. Call us or request a quote for your precision manufacturing needs: